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Wednesday Worship


Participation Steps

1. This will be a virtual experience on ZOOM.  Download first.

2. Since this is a Doctoral Project, there is a consent form with it.  Take a look, sign and email us back at 

3. Be prepared to answer a short survey before and after the experience.  This will be given to you when you receive your Zoom invite.

Doctoral Project

My name is Rev. Angela Galanis Price, and I'm finishing up my doctorate in Ministry in Spiritual Renewal, Contemplative Prayer and Strategic Leadership.  The question that I keep asking is, how do we bring spiritual renewal or awakening? Are there steps we can take to begin the process?  

Worship Experiment

In all my years of worship, I have found 5 elements that help us grow in faith, find emotional healing and increase the signs of the Spirit (Charisma) : love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness (trust) and self-control .These are 1) guided contemplative prayers, 2) contemporary (meditative) music, 3) graphic animation and art, 4) progressive teaching, and 5) participation.  There is something about adding all these components together, that might stir in us an awakening or a spiritual flame.  

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